Tentacular Expeditions now available to download!

In this month’s (June) story pack, Tentacular Expeditions, events take you to strange and distant places to find forgotten powerful relics (available on our Steam Workshop. All Itch.io purchases include a Steam key). 

These six Miskatonic University stories will take you on the following adventures - Go on a mystical journey to the Kalahari Desert to find the The Pipe of Qwanciqutshaa or are you the first to actually summit Mount Everest to uncover its secrets? All adventurers need to prep before an expedition, how about learning to hit a flying bullet with a whip or run away from a bull with chainsaws strapped to its horns? You will definitely need the training when you dodge lethal traps in a Mayan temple with your buddy Leibshitz. Thar Be Treasure, Me Hearties… Oh and a Kraken in one of the nautical expeditions and you will also need to bring a hefty coin purse as you try to haggle for The toothbrush of Amon-Urr at a market in Cairo. 

If you enjoyed our story expeditions, you can download our other story packs, which are available for download on the workshop page. Or why not write your own adventures for you and your friends to enjoy with the Fhtagn! Content Creator. We provided players with a Quick start video guide, Content Creator Guide and even released all of Fhtagn!'s event stories to aid in this process. If you are interested in creating your own stories, you can check out more information on our Content Creator, on our forum.

Second community-written story event also available

We also added the second community-written story event to the Discord Community Mod. We provide our awesome community with a writing prompt on our Discord server (in the Story Time channel) and the community then writes amazing story contributions, which other members can vote on. Winning contributions are combined to create the final story event for players to enjoy ingame. After each completed Story Time event, the community mod will be updated with the new stories. Credits for contribution can be found in the Discord Community Mod sheet.

Don’t miss out on future awesome story events and subscribe to the mod (link) to see more stories written by the community for the community. If you want to be part of the fun, join our Discord server - That Fhtagn Server.

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We want to help community members create their own story packs (cooperative or solo endeavours) for the game and it’s a great space to test ideas, get feedback and receive assistance and guidance from us.

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✅ Imaginary bootleg liquor 

✅ Cultist shenanigans

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