New story event pack, Discord server and other news!

In this month’s story event pack, you can now use 4 of the items introduced in the Dark Young Expansion, in the base game (event pack is available on our Steam Workshop. Your purchase includes a Steam key).

Will you fight to the death for Black Annis' Claws? Or manage to track down the Osslein Phylactery in the underground ruins outside of Constantinople? Will you survive a deal with the Bargainer for the Voice of Lao? Or win a high-stakes poker match with Madame Fufu for her prized pinky ring of Albrecht the Fabulous? Any one of these ancient relics will undeniably imbue the victor with dark and sometimes fabulous powers. 


You can now download the 'Relics of the Thousand Young' event pack on our Steam Workshop here. Just click subscribe and refresh your mods list ingame. 

We will be adding monthly event packs at the end of each month, which we’ve started in March. Unfortunately, we had to fix an issues that caused the mods to not appear properly and for that reason April’s event pack is a few days late. We apologise for the delay, but now that everything is up and running properly again, we hope you enjoy the latest addition. 

Join the cultish shenanigans on our Discord server

Our Discord server, That Fhtagn! Server, has been live for a month now and we had a lot of fun so far. We’ve almost completed the first community-written story event pack! As soon as the writing contributions are finalised, we will combine all the winning story contributions and upload it as mod for players to enjoy.

You can also hangout at #Madame Fufu’s, the best speakeasy in town where the only thing smoother than the jazz band is the bootleg whisky. Here you can just sit back, relax and order a drink from Fred O'Leary. We have a great prohibition drinks menu (order a Sidecar, Torpedo Juice, Monkey Gland and more) and the higher your rank, the more variety you can order.

We also have a Fhtagn! Adventures channel, where you will play out story events through a community voting system.

If you want to write your own mod for the game and would like help with that, please feel free to join our Discord server. It’s a great space to test ideas, get feedback and receive assistance and guidance from us. 

You can join the server by clicking on the Discord button on Fhtagn’s main menu ingame (Steam version) or you can join the server here

Linux and SteamOS compatible

Please note that Fhtagn! Is now Linux and SteamOS compatible on Steam.

The Creeping Madness - Concept Reel (TCM)

Fhtagn! is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game, whose stories and world is based on our flagship title, The Creeping Madness, currently in concept development. Check out the Concept Reel below.

The Creeping Madness (TCM) is Black and White meets Evil Genius in the 1930s, inside a Lovecraft novel, with a hint of Dieselpunk. You are a Cthulhu-esque Ancient One hellbent on walking the mortal realm once more. Build up your cult in secret. Summon powerful monsters and play through tactical scenarios from your favourite Lovecraftian novels, as you slowly infiltrate, manipulate, corrupt and drive people insane to orchestrate your return.

We created Fhtagn! to raise extra funds for TCM, we are currently hard at work on this project and we hope to share more news about TCM with you soon! 

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