Be the hero we need this #loveindies 2019!

As indie developers, we cannot make games without your support or feedback. Please take the time the following two weeks of #loveindies celebration (3 - 14 June) to review indie games you’ve enjoyed. Be part of the celebration - your opinion matters and will make a world of difference!

The main way to get involved is to write a few reviews for games on your platform of choice and share them at any time throughout the two weeks. Remember to use #loveindies, tag the developer and link to the game when you do. This will help the game be discovered by new players!

#loveindies Review Hour

If you really want to go BIG, you can be part of the #loveindies Review Hour At 1000 PST (1800 BST) on Saturday, 8 June. For one hour, you need to review as many indie games from your library as you can. Just go to your library, open it up, and run through everything you’ve got, giving (short) reviews to all of the indie titles you haven’t reviewed yet.

This is the only activity which is strictly timed, to try and gain some momentum for the event over the weekend. If you can, build it up in advance and then join in when it’s happening!

Design Imps: Doing our part

We’re not only indie devs, we're also avid gamers and we love playing games just as much as we love making them! Design Imps will also take part in this awesome initiative (created by Failbetter Games) to support fellow indie devs and their amazing projects. 

Be sure to check out our twitter account to see some indie love!

Thank you for supporting Fhtagn!

We want to give a special thank you to everyone who has supported Fhtagn! and made this journey worthwhile. Every comment, every review, every video and every interaction with players has meant the world to us.

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